Chill Out {Frankincense, Vetiver + Cedarwood}
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Chill Out {Frankincense, Vetiver + Cedarwood}

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Calming blend of essential oils for anxiety and stress.

 Do you ever need a quick calming remedy?

This "Chill Out" essential roller is the perfect On The Go size to keep in your purse, pocket, car, desk at work, etc. when you need a little extra help to calm your nerves.

The 100% pure essential oils of Frankincense, Vetiver + Cedarwood promotes :

  • Calming
  • Stress relief
  • Antidepressant
  • Nervousness

To Use:

Rub oil on pulse points - Wrists, temples, behind ears, etc.

Be mindful of the ingredients, this product contains a known allergen!

This product can be made WITHOUT sweet almond oil and replaced with another carrier oil- If you need an adjustment, purchase and then send us an email!

Ingredients : 

  • **Sweet Almond Oil** (Carrier Oil
  • Essential Oils
  • Dried Chamomile Flowers